Giacomo Marangoni


Giacomo is a  post doc researcher at Pennsylvania State University and CMCC in the field of climate-energy-economic modelling. After graduating in control systems engineering, he started leveraging on his mathematical and computer science background to contribute to better quantitative tools for understanding the socio-economic dimensions of climate change and the economic consequences of climate policies.

While being involved in various projects funded by international organizations, as well as governmental agencies and private institutions, he pursued a PhD degree in Applied Economics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano on the subject of optimal strategic investments in the energy sector under uncertain technical change and sustainability concerns.

In the COBHAM project, he worked on challenging and improving what we know about how people consume energy, taking advantage of the wealth of data coming from smart meters and energy sensors. He also tried to identify patterns of behavioral response to information feedback on consumption, in order to design better technologies supporting energy conservation programmes.

Junior researcher