Two recent web articles about Nudges units in Australia and India provides interesting examples on how simple nudges work effectively in different countries.

in Singapore, the government started printing the average electricity usage of the locality on the back of bills. This nudged households to think about their own energy consumption, driving them towards reducing it to the average levels.


in Israel, the issuing or renewal of an ID, like the passport or driving license, became conditional upon answering the question of becoming a registered donor. “The default option was an ‘opt-in’ provision, which greatly increased the list of registered donors by targeting the status quo bias


BI also worked with Lendlease, who gave their employees FitBit devices to measure their physical activity. They compared what sort of feedback was most encouraging, and found an extra 700 steps a day were taken by people who got personalised feedback on their performance, rather than just being ranked in a leaderboard. The effect was most pronounced in those who’d been the least active before the experiment.